Web Design Trends: What to Look Out for in 2021 and Beyond

It’s no surprise that web design trends are constantly evolving, as the digital landscape is always changing. Keeping up with the latest web trends can help businesses stay ahead of their competition, while also providing an improved user experience. At LUXIS Design, a top-notch web design service based in Brea, California, we strive to create innovative solutions for our clients by staying at the forefront of industry changes. We thought it would be helpful to share some of our findings on what’s hot (and not) in 2021 – and beyond!

Mobile Responsiveness

One trend that won’t be going away anytime soon is mobile responsiveness. In fact, this one has been gaining more attention over recent years due to its importance when it comes to SEO rankings and overall user experience. As people increasingly use their phones or tablets instead of desktop computers for browsing websites, having a website designed with mobile users in mind is essential – especially if you want your business to remain competitive!

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization has become popular over recent years thanks largely due Google’s Alexa voice assistant technology becoming mainstream since 2011. When optimizing your website content for voice search queries such as “what’s the best Italian restaurant near me?” make sure you include natural language phrases like “near me” or “within [x] miles/kilometers” so that your content will appear higher up on results pages when people do these types of searches using their device’s virtual assistant capabilities!

Motion UI & Animation

Motion User Interface (UI) & animation have gained traction among designers because they allow them to express themselves more freely than ever before when creating websites or apps – something which had previously been limited by static images alone! Animations can give life and personality into otherwise dull interfaces; making them engaging and interactive experiences that are likely to keep visitors interested longer than traditional designs could ever hope too. It’s important however not go overboard with animations as too many may distract from actual content being displayed on screen – but done right they can really bring out character within any given page layout!


The minimalistic approach has been around since Apple launched their first iPhone back in 2007– but it remains relevant today thanks primarily due its simplicity yet effective nature which keeps distractions down while still allowing enough room for creativity through clever use colors , typography choices etc ! Minimalist designs often provide better usability than overly complicated ones as there are fewer elements competing for attention . Plus , they tend look far sleeker aesthetics wise which never hurts either !

We hope this gave you some insight into current web design trends worth considering if looking update existing sites or launching new ones ! Remember though each project should always tailored individual needs depending upon context . If need assistance implementing these strategies don’t hesitate reach out us here LUXIS Designs where experienced professionals happy assist every step way towards successful outcome !