Top 5 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2021

As a web design service provider, LUXIS Design knows that staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. With digital trends constantly evolving and modern user experience design becoming more complex, it’s important to keep up with the latest developments in website design.

That’s why we’ve rounded up five of the most innovative web design trends expected to have an impact this year. Read on to find out how you can use them to create a successful web design case study for your own brand or business.

1) Dark Mode

Dark mode is quickly gaining popularity as one of the top website design trends across all industries – from fashion and beauty through to travel and lifestyle. A dark background creates an immersive user experience where content stands out against a contrasting palette while also being easier on the eyes at night-time viewing sessions. As such, incorporating dark mode into your designs could be beneficial not only from an aesthetic perspective but also usability-wise too!

2) 3D Elements

Adding depth and dimensionality within page designs will become increasingly popular in 2021 due its ability to create exciting interactive visuals that draw users further into pages. From subtle parallax scrolling effects through to animations featuring 3D elements — this trend offers endless opportunities when it comes innovating web solutions for businesses looking make their mark online!

3) Organic Shapes & Patterns

Organic shapes are set take centre stage when it comes to inspiring creatives ways of designing websites this year — with an emphasis being placed on using circles, squares and triangles rather than traditional linear patterns or grids commonly seen in today’s digital landscape . Not only do these ‘organic’ shapes add visual interest but they can also help guide viewers around page layouts whilst creating beautiful visuals that feel unique yet familiar at same time – something sure capture attention amongst audiences both old new alike!

4) AI & Personalization Features

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) features into your website designs has been made much simpler over past few years thanks advancements technology now available . This emerging trend allows businesses showcase relevant content tailored individual customers based their browsing habits interests – making site visits more enjoyable efficient overall ! Incorporate AI personalisation features ensure maximum engagement satisfaction no matter who chooses visit your online presence !

5 ) Video Content

Exploring different types video media become more popular recent months , especially within context ecommerce industry . Utilising video techniques allow brands demonstrate products services engaging way which helps potential customers gain better understanding what they really about purchase decide if right fit them ! Whether static videos showcasing product range dynamic clips featuring customer feedback stories , there lots creative ways utilise video content ensure users get best possible insights information before committing buy !

At LUXIS Design, our team specialises in creating stunningly designed websites tailored specifically each client needs requirements . We believe staying informed current trends key providing highest quality experiences our clients so if need help bringing any these innovations life contact us today discuss further details see how we can work together achieve success !